KANNON BOSATSU, Todai-ji Temple, Nara, Japan Kannon Bosatsu in Todai-ji Temple’s Daibutsu (Great Buddha) Hall. The Bosatsu are beings of great spiritual merit that could attain enlightenment, but choose to defer it in order to save other beings. Kannon is one expression of the Bosatsu that embodies compassion. (Kannon means, “watchful listening”). She is considered the Goddess of Mercy and her gentle, feminine nature has invited comparisons to the Virgin Mary. Timothy McCoy photographed this image in 2002 in Nara, Japan, in 35mm format under available light conditions using Agfa 1000 high-speed transparency film. He printed it in 2008 on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag archival paper with an Epson 9800 printer using 3-K archival Ultrachrome inks. The mat is 4-ply, museum-quality, acid-free, unbuffered mat board. The image is printed in the following limited editions: 50 are 20 x 16 in. (mat size 32 x 29 in.) 100 are 14 x 11 in. (mat size 20 x 17.5 in.) Click on INFORMATION to call or email for prices.