• Greece and her foundations are
    Built below the tide of war,
    Based on the crystalline sea
    Of thought and its eternity.
           Preface to The Greek Way by Edith Hamilton
    Coral Sea
  • They seek him here,
    They seek him there,
    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere
    Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
    That damned elusive Pimpernel.
          "The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Emma Orczy
    Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Roses red and roses white
    Plucked I for my love's delight.
    She would none of all my posies—
    Bade me gather her blue roses.

    Half the world I wandered through,
    Seeking where such flowers grew.
    Half the world unto my quest
    Answered me with laughs and jest.

    Home I came at wintertide,
    But my silly love had died
    Seeking with her latest breath
    Roses from the arms of Death.

    I may be beyond the grave
    She shall find what she would have.
    Mine was but an idle quest—

    Roses white and red are best!
         "Blue Roses" by Rudyard Kipling

    Blue rose up, up,up
    From the bottomless sea,
    Blue fell from the clear blue sky
    Down, down, down
    Onto me.

    Fused into a rose
    That was as blue
    As I chose
    It to be.
          By Timothy McCoy
    Fused into a Rose
  • Black at the center
    Obvious in winter.
    Melting the sand
    Into forms that will stand
    As the black glass rose
    So dark and so cold.
          By Timothy McCoy

    The beginning of a new stage of life implies the death of the old one. The black rose can represent death/mourning or alternatively rebirth/rejuvention.
    Black at the Center
  • Fall leaves, fall; die flowers, away;
    Lengthen night and shorten day;
    Every leaf speaks bliss to me
    Fluttering from the autumn tree.
    I shall smile when wreaths of snow
    Blossom where the rose should grow;
    I shall sing when nights' decay
    Ushers in a drearier day.
           "Fall leaves Fall" by Emily Bronte
    Floating World
  • Seven times more hot
    Than any fire on Earth
    It's like that on Hell's hearth—
    No water, not even a drop
    To quench our thirst.

    They say that God 
    Loves us like a Father.
    And verily, amid the heat
    Sits a little flower.
    It bends since losing its power,
    But still has its boots in the sod.
    Perhaps He'll notice and give it a nod.
    Our job is to walk a little farther
    And keep our eyes on this little prize.
           "Still Flowers in Hell" by Timothy McCoy

    We lived long together
    a life filled,
    if you will,
    with flowers. So that
    I was cheered
    when I came first to know
    that there were flowers also
    in hell.
         From "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower," by William Carlos Williams
    Still Flowers in Hell
  • You claim my thoughts
    Though you have never seen your name in frost.
    I think the window of a distant train
    Still mirror you like a poem in its glass.
          From  "A Word and a Flower" by Sandra Fowler
  • Remember when
    We were Vikings
    Ice in our eyes
    Flying on memories
    Crystal mornings
    Our playgrounds
    Echoing breaths
    Those lovely sounds
    On the cracking water
    Treading the waves
    Limbs to strong
    Dancing on hot feet
    Under aurora lights
    Help me remember
    These wild flights
          "Remember When" by Ruza Matic
    Northern Lights
  • Death is great.
    We are in its grip
    Even in our mirth.
    When we seem to taste life to the full
    Death is there within us 
    And dares to weep.
          "Death is Great" by Ranier Maria Rilke in Das Buch der Bilder

    The star wept pink in the heart of your ears
    The infinite rolled white from nape of your neck to the middle of your back
    The sea rippled russet to your rosy nipples
    And man bled black in your sovereign womb
          By Arthur Rimbaud
    Fleur du Mal (Evil Flowers)
  • The painting, "The Talisman" (a landscape of the Bois d'Amour at Pont-Aven) by Paul Serusier signaled a revolution in the use of color. Instead of mixing colors in the pursuit of a "realistically" perceived nature, this landscape employed pure colors in order to present the "equivalent" of a received sensation. This break between color and nature led to the Synthetist Movement which featured a "flat surface covered with colors."
    The Talisman
  • The five colors will blind a man's sight.
    The five sounds will deaden a man's hearing.
    The five tastes will spoil a man's palate.
    Chasing and hunting will drive a man wild.
    Things hard to get will do harm to a man's conduct.
    Therefore the sage makes provision for the stomach
         and not for the eye.
              Tao Te Ching, No. 12, trans. by Ch'u Ta-Kao, Buddhist Society, London
    The Five Colors
  • Zenrin poem:

    The shattered mirror will reflect no more;
    The fallen flower will hardly rise to the branch.
    The Shattered Mirror
  • April is the cruelest month, breeding
    Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing 
    Memory and desire, stirring
    Dull roots with spring rain.
    Winter kept us warm, covering
    Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
    A little life with dried tubers.
           From "Buriel of the Dead" by T. S. Eliot
    Mixing Memory with Desire
  • The valley spirit is not dead
    They say it is the mystic female
    Her gateway is, they say,
    The base of earth and heaven.
              Tao Te Ching, No. 6, trans. R. B. Blakney

    Comment: The great wisdom of the old ones survives in the hidden valleys. It prefers to withdraw instead of being in constant strife. So one should be receptive to the ways of nature instead of trying to conquer her.
    Valley Spirit
  • Red is deep anger that never comes out
    Red is believing, and then having doubt.
    Red reeks of revenge, of suffering and hate.
    Red is being thirsty and having to wait.
    Red, in a painting, makes one hot and confused,
    It is the anger of crying when you feel you've been used.
    Red is that voice, deep in your head, 
    It could keep you back but pushes ahead.
    Red is running through desert and sun,
    It's needing a friend, but having none.
    Red is the heart that's been broken in two,
    It's hearing those lies, and wanting what's true.
          "Color Me Red" by Starr Williams


    Red is the sunset
    Blazing and bright.
    Red is feeling brave
    With all of your might.
    Red is a sunburn
    A spot on your nose.
    Sometimes red, is a red red rose.

    Red is a show-off,
    No doubt about it—
    But can you imagine
    Living without it?
          "What is Red" by Mary O'Neill
    Color Me Red
  • What's richest to him
    That has made a great peacock
    With the pride of his eye?
    The wind beaten, stone grey,
    And desolate Three Rock
    Would nourish his whim
    Live he or die
    Amid wet rocks and heather,
    His ghost will be gay
    Adding feather to feather
    For the pride of his eye.
         "The Peacock" by William Butler Yeats
    Riot of Color
  • "I intend to stand firm and let the peacocks multiply, for I am sure that, in the end, the last word will be theirs."
           Flannery O'Connor
    The Inner Truth of Things
  • "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you odd."  
              Flannery O'Connor
    Life on Mars
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