In photographic images, the ultimate subject is light. This light may be external and illuminate the substance of an object and its setting.

The changing light at San Francisco
                  is none of your East Coast light
                               none of your
                                             pearly light of Paris
The light of San Francisco
                                   is a sea light
                                                    an island light
And the light of fog
                          blanketing the hills
                 drifting in at night
                          through the Golden Gate
                                      to lie on the city at dawn.
     From "The Changing Light" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Although my images have expressive available light akin to Ferlinghetti's, my purpose is to show the illusive light that emanates from within and infers a hidden source, revealing Symbolic color and form. Most of the "creatures" are glass, and therefore have light that is transformed through them and speaks to some inner truth. This truth is, in the final reckoning, no different when coming from animal, human, or insect.

Why "The Light Within"?
"There is a Light within a man of Light and he Lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is in darkness." Spoken by Jesus, from The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas.

To the Gnostic, the world without light is full of illusions and pain. With the Light, a Gnostic will exclaim, "I Know." Not One, Not TwoShadow in the Blue PeriodBlue VelvetPersonaFrom Ariadne with SadnessGone with the WindKeeper of the FlameEgyptian Book of the DeadEyes That Can't ForgetThe Hero WithinFeathered SerpentDancing with DionysusNursery DemonsDream, Dream, DreamCreation Myth