These images depict objects that are Art Glass. As such they emphasize the transparent, translucent nature of glass on a skeleton of form. Glass is a symbol of clarity in spiritual and philosophical ideas. Since it is both transparent, and yet a solid with form, it is a metaphor for the space between the visible (mundane) and the invisible (mythical). In addition, there is often some applied glass form with recognizable natural features. Glass not only changes color that is in transit through it, but also the shape of things. The "looking glass" allows a closer look at the subject. Photography itself requires the re-shaping of light via the lens.

The color is Expressionist, either by the nature of the materials available or by the intentional expression of emotion or meaning. Art Glass often falls into the category of Art Nouveau, which is the beneficiary of Expressionistic painting and poetry. The glass objects are "expressions through decor," through harmony of color and form.

Emile Galle, the leader of the Art Nouveau movement, was inspired by the Symbolist poets and included quotes from Paul Verlaine and Charles Baudelaire on his glass. The liquid, flowing nature of glass is well suited to the lyrical forms of nature. To Galle, nature was the source of all beauty. A sign in his workshop reads: Our roots lie in the soil of the woods, in the moss by the rim of the pool.

The pieces named "Raining in the Heart" and "Moth to the Flame" are representative of his style, but I have significantly re-interpreted the images for emotional impact.

Rene Lalique also had Art Nouveau work, but evolved a more abstract and geometric style which is called Art Deco. The image "Labyrinth of the Heart" (named Tourbillons by Lalique) is in his Art Deco style. His version is black and white, modified in my image with Expressionist polychrome coloring. Aurora BorealisDandelions Would DoAfterglowMoth to the FlameRaining in the HeartUrn with Grieving FlowerWounded FlowerA Flower DreamsHeart on FireAutumn RoseWitch's BrewSearching for ParadiseThe Seeker